A poorly built and damaged roof can bring a problem that terrifies several people: infiltration. Not least, after all, it increases the risk of compromising the structure of the house and damage to equipment and furniture.

But it is possible to resolve the infiltration once and for all. The secret is to invest in some special tips and ensure greater peace of mind during rains. Here's what these tips are!


Make revisions on the roof

Reviews should be made periodically, preferably every six months. In this process, it is verified if the tiles are perfectly fitted and if there are breaks, being able to arrange the proper repair and to combat infiltrations.


Bet on roof maintenance

Interestingly, maintenance is a detail that everyone forgets, but that is essential to the roof. Over time, the tiles will accumulate dirt and particles that can leave them porous and accelerate the breaking process.

This is where maintenance comes in: during this process, a sanitization is done on the tiles, eliminating dirt and helping to maintain their useful life, in order to avoid the risk of infiltration.

It is recommended to perform maintenance at least once a year. Hire specialized professionals to do the job, to ensure a better result and eliminate the chances of accidents.


Invest in special materials

There is the possibility of investing in special materials that help strengthen your roof and decrease the chances of facing infiltrations. This is the case for the roof thermal blanket.

This material is an undercoat made of aluminum. Its great differential is that it has a thermal reinforcement mesh, in addition to high reflectivity, excellent durability and stability.

Precisely because of this, the product forms an effective barrier over the entire roof, giving thermal comfort to the internal environment, in addition to increasing the waterproofing power of the roof as a whole.

Therefore, installing the thermal blanket inhibits the passage of rainwater and combat infiltrations. The best? This is a low-cost solution that is ideal for families who want to repair their roof properly and avoid overspending without harming their budget.